Pratigya Rights
Coalition's Achievements
Bill To Law: MTP Amendment Act 2021
Pratigya campaign and the larger coalition recommended for the amendments in the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act and with the support of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the amendment was finally passed.
These are the major wins:
Marriage clause dropped
Requirement of 2 doctors' opinion until 20 weeks dropped
Increased gestation limit from 20 to 24 weeks for special categories of women
No upper gestation limit in cases of foetal anomalies
50 Years of MTP Act: Half Glass Full
The MTP Act completed 50 years this year, marking a significant milestone and giving the opportunity to reflect on how far we have really come, and how many miles we have yet to cover in the journey towards equal access to safe abortion.
Redefining Perceptions: Wikipedia Edit-a-thon for Abortion
We took it upon ourselves to curb misinformation and alter perceptions where it was needed the most. Our team collaborated with Wikipedia India to edit the crucial 'Abortion in India' page with relevant and updated information. New sections, such as MTP Amendment Act 2021, conflation between MTP and POCSO Acts, and more were added. We also uploaded new research material, reports, and articles on legal findings, MTP providers' database, and media toolkits. Every section that was expanded was supported with evidence-based data. To read more, visit the Abortion in India Wikipedia page.
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New MTP Rules Formed: Our coalition's achievements
We had recommended streamlining DCGI guidelines and MTP rules for Medical Abortion method to resolve the conflict with previous rules regarding gestation period. Our recommendation was addressed and the gestation period for medical abortion has been extended to 9 weeks.
The gestation period limit modified:
  1. Up to 20 weeks: 1 doctor's opinion
  2. Up to 24 weeks: 2 doctors' opinion for the following special categories:
    • survivors of sexual assault or rape or incest
    • minors
    • change of marital status during the pregnancy (widowhood and divorce)
    • women with physical disabilities
    • mentally ill women
    • the foetal anomalies that have substantial risk of being incompatible with life or if the child is born it may suffer from such physical or mental abnormalities to be seriously handicapped
    • women with pregnancy in humanitarian settings or disaster or emergency
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#FindMyMTPCampaign won hearts and awards:
Celebrating 1 Year of Find My MTP Campaign
An initiative that was started to ensure continued access to verified and qualified MTP providers in every area of the nation went on to receive praise, appreciation and recognition amongst people and renowned institutions like Economic Times, Campaign India, and Velocity Awards.
  • Multiple wins at ET Brand Equity Awards 2020
Multiple wins at ET Brand Equity Awards 2020
  • Campaign India Digital Crest Awards 2021
Campaign India Digital Crest Awards 2021
  • Velocity
Velocity Awards 2021
Pro Choice and Proud
Many issues related to sexual, reproductive, and social well-being arise from the lack of understanding of personal choice, autonomy, boundaries, and consent. We believe that choice should play a much bigger role in our understanding of contraception and personal healthcare. We are definitely #ProChoiceAndProud!
Virtual Events in 2021
January 2021
Tweetathon on National Girl Child Day and International Day of Education
March 2021
Facebook Live on International Women's Day

May 2021
#StrongerTogether on International Day of Action for Women's Health
September 2021
Tweetathon on International Safe Abortion Day
December 2021
Webinar: MTP Amendment Act and Rules: Way Forward
Social Chatter
In 2021, on Facebook, we garnered a total of 11.3K IMPRESSIONS and 9.7K REACH and on Twitter, we garnered 140K TWEET IMPRESSIONS. Additionally, we also received 380+ content views on Quora.
Our follower base across social platforms has also grown gradually through the year. Currently, we have a total of 1482 followers on Facebook, 456 followers on Twitter and 127 followers on Instagram.
International Day of Women and Girls in Science
Women have been under-represented in STEM for years. We talked about how the innovations, technology, and abilities in STEM can prove to be especially resourceful for women.
World Sexual Health Day

Too much curiosity is not necessarily a bad thing, when it's about something that's nearly not discussed enough, like sexuality and sexual health.

International Girl Child Day

The gender divide stands to create barriers in the path of girls. We talked about moving towards gender equality as the way towards equal opportunities for growth and fulfilment.
Busting Abortion Myths: #OutWithTheDoubt
Earlier this year, we released an informative illustrated booklet debunking common myths about abortion. To popularise the same on social media, we started a content series called 'Out With The Doubt', highlighting the key points in smaller pieces.
Welcoming New Partners
Nothing makes us more proud than combining forces with like-minded people and organisations, to work towards a common goal. This year, we welcomed two new partners:
  1. Jove Conscious Foundation: An NGO relentlessly working towards the overall development of women and the causes related to them.
  2. HAQ - Centre for Child Rights: A social welfare organisation that aims at building a holistic understanding of Child Rights and exploring areas of concern that affect children and their rights.
Logo of JCF and HAQ
In The News
40+ times our partners and we made it to the news with 70+ million readership!
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But no challenge is too big when people work together.
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