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Campaign Corner
It's not enough to #BreakTheBias
we must #RepairTheBiasDamage too
Every year, International Women's Day brings so many stances on women's rights by so many people and organisations. But the time has now come to see change-driven action as well. Gender bias has spread its influence in all aspects of life, from home to the government. We brought together suggestions for steps that can be taken to make amends for preconceived notions created by gender bias.
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Campaign Corner - It's not enough to #BreakTheBias
Our first ever Reel Collab
Coalition News
Let's hear from our partners
5th CAG Meeting for Phase IV
Our efforts for research and advocacy for abortion rights are guided towards a unique approach by the insights from our Campaign Advisory Group (CAG) members. We recently held a CAG meeting on 3rd March 2022, where the members discussed the possible challenges that the MTP Amendment Act might face during implementation.
The health sector has been diagnosed with queerphobia
There isn't enough discussion on the Sexuality and Reproductive Health and Rights of queer people, who face heavy discrimination when trying to access health care. Tune in to Rangeen Khidki's podcast about this and deep dive into this issue.
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Women's rights face a two-faced internet
While the internet has made SRHR information more available, the biased algorithms and censorship of social media platforms also prevents evidence-based facts from reaching a lot of people.
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How well do you know about India's recently amended abortion laws?
The 2021 amendment in India's MTP Act has brought significant changes to the accessibility and regulations of abortion in India. If you haven't caught up with the details, watch this video by Dr. Kalpana Apte, Secretary General of Family Planning Association of India, Member organisation of Pratigya Campaign coalition, to understand everything.
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Women's legal marriage age is now 21 instead of 18. Does this step really empower women?
Debanjana Choudhuri, Gender and Climate Specialist, participated in a dialogue with The Economic Times to speak up about the gaping holes in this new legislation that seeks to solve the problems associated with early marriage, but overlooks many other implications of stripping young people of their autonomy.
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Adding to this conversation is Anubha Rastogi, Campaign Advisory Group member at Pratigya Campaign and independent lawyer, in this in-depth, data-led article for the Mint.
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How do ideals of masculinity affect gender-based violence?
Our partner YP Foundation collaborated with Breakthrough India to conduct a session on Men, Masculinities, and More as a part of the summit on Envisioning a World Without Gender-Based Violence.
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Abortion is essential, even during a pandemic. Then why the limited access?
The pandemic changed the ecosystem of healthcare entirely. Although abortion was identified as an essential service during March 2020, tele-medicine abortion didn't make the cut. In an interview with BW Wellbeing, Gender and Climate Specialist Debanjana Choudhuri highlights the need for incorporating Medical Abortion with tele-medicine.
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The impact of sex ratio on access to safe abortion
Female to male sex ratio finally improved in data in report by NFHS. What does that mean for safe abortion? We brought together experts from our partner organisations to view NFHS-5 report from the safe abortion lens.
Making workplaces safer for women
Creating safer workplaces for women is not possible without redressing and resolving many long-standing issues. South Asia Women Foundation India held a webinar to hold this very important conversation.
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Understanding self-managed abortions
Abortion is an individual decision, yet our policies have not made it completely autonomous. Despite that, many abortions are self-managed, using medical abortion pills. But many questions arise on the safety, legality, and quality of this method. To answer these questions, we collaborated with Ibis Reproductive Health and launched a social media toolkit to document experiences and journeys on safe medical abortion.
Word Around The World
Twitter bot exposes the gender pay gap of companies sharing Women's Day tweets
When corporations walk the walk but don't talk the talk for women's rights, they often get away with it. On this International Women's Day though, a Twitter bot revealed the numbers on gender pay gap of many companies. That's one way to hold the community accountable!
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2 post offices in Pune and an express train in Bihar now have all-women crews
In a first of its kind moment, two post offices in Pune, and The South Bihar Express train (Bihar to Chhattisgarh) showcased action for International Women's Day with employing an all-women staff and crew to run all operations.
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