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As India completed 75 years of Independence, the rights to exercise freedom over one's reproductive autonomy completed 50 years. The Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, passed in 1971, was a landmark in the legalisation of abortion in India.
Pratigya Campaign is strongly determined towards ensuring every individual has equal right and access to availing reproductive healthcare. Raising awareness on sexual and reproductive rights is an important step in improving access to safe abortion care, and we continue to do the same by amplifying dialogue and bringing attention to the issues that are still overlooked. A half century has passed since abortion was legalised in India, and we will continue with a strong coalition and partnerships until our policies and facilities become all-inclusive.
50 Years of MTP Act 1971
Upon its 50th anniversary and post the recent amendments made to it, we reflected upon how far we have come and how far do we still have to go. We proposed recommendations for further amendments to the bill, published an awareness campaign on our social media platforms, and hosted a Wikipedia Edit-a-thon. Keep reading for more details.
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MTP Amendment Bill (Our Recommendations)
While the recent amendments do take us significantly ahead, there is a lot of room for improvement.
1. Gestational Limit and Requirement of RMP Opinions:
We submit that up to 12 weeks' gestation, termination should be allowed solely at the will of the pregnant person, as opposed to seeking recommendation from RMP as per the current Act.
2. Third-Party Authorisation:
There should be no third-party authorisation, including judicial authorisation, for termination of pregnancies.
3. Conflict with POCSO Act:
Many adolescents are deterred from seeking abortions due to all sexual activity between minors being criminalised by POCSO Act. It is crucial that pregnant adolescents are able to approach doctors for safe abortions or even to obtain information to avoid risky, unsafe abortion methods.
4. Expansion of Provider Base:
Early abortion, especially medical method, can be provided by trained nurses and other qualified healthcare providers to benefit a much larger number of pregnant people with advancements in safe abortion.
5. Need for Consultation:
Widespread consultations ought to be conducted with healthcare providers, lawyers, activists, Dalit and Adivasi rights advocates, sex workers, disability rights advocates, transgender persons and other vulnerable groups for the MTP Act to adequately address the barriers to abortion access.
A glimpse of how our partners celebrated the 50th year Anniversary of MTP Act 1971
Ipas Development Foundation
50 Years of the MTP Act: Evolution of Comprehensive Abortion Care in India
The YP Foundation
Pratigya Campaign's social campaign to celebrate the 50 years:
50 years mark the half-century of the MTP Act. With the recent amendments taking us a few steps forward, yet the glass is only half full on the half-century. Our campaign #HalfGlassFull made space for celebrating the victories, while also acknowledging that these victories are not for everyone yet.
Wikipedia Edit-a-thon
Awareness begins on an individual level, mostly with research. Hence, it is crucial that informative material be readily available for all knowledge-seekers. With this aim, Pratigya Campaign hosted a Wikipedia Edit-a-thon during the month of August to mark 50 years of MTP and the upcoming International Safe Abortion Day in September. It intended to add knowledge and information about access to abortions in the country and its substantial impact on pregnant persons' well-being. Significant additions were made to Wikipedia's Abortion in India page, by including evidence based inputs and insights on various aspects of the page such as why do pregnant persons have unsafe abortion, conflation with PCPNDT/POCSO Acts and its impact, impact of COVID-19 on CAC, medical abortion, research on abortion, what do the amendments entail, legal reports, etc.
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Awards & Recognition
Our initiative 'Find My MTP' was awarded a Silver in the Social Cause Category of Campaign India Awards. We're extremely proud and honoured to have our efforts recognised on such a renowned platform that can amplify our message and ensure it reaches the people who need it the most.
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