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Pratigya Campaign for Gender Equality and Safe Abortion is a network of individuals and organisations working towards a singular objective - protecting and advancing women's rights and their access to safe abortion care in India.
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Social Scoop
Shedding rainbow light
on our laws.
Inclusivity is a necessity in all laws, especially when it comes to issues of human rights. Sexual and reproductive healthcare is not easily accessible in India, and it becomes even more difficult to access for the LGBTQ+ community. This Pride Month, we did an analysis of exactly how Indian laws are still leaving behind an entire community.
Social Scoop - Shedding rainbow light on our laws.
Coalition News
Let's hear from our partners
A saga of diverse selves.
Rangeen Khidki hosted Rang Saga 2022 as a celebration of bodies, diversities and colours through art performances and talks. Catch a glimpse of the spectacular event in this short video.
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Inclusivity shines with pride.
Healthcare is a basic human right, and everyone should be able to access reproductive healthcare regardless of their sexuality or gender, and Centre for Reproductive Rights articulated this so well in their post for Pride Month.
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The domino effect of overturning Roe vs Wade on abortion rights worldwide.
The American Supreme Court has just turned back time and reversed decades of progress in women's rights. Member of Pratigya Campaign and Asia Safe Abortion Partnership, Dr Suchitra Salve and Gender and Climate Specialist Debanjana Choudhuri highlight the repurcussions of this regressive decision on reproductive rights everywhere.
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Exactly how private are our private matters?
Hidden Pockets Collective collaborated with Pratigya Campaign, Asia Safe Abortion Partnership, and Pakistan Advocacy Network for a Tweetathon to create awareness about privacy and identity protection in the process of abortion in India.
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Lifting the curtains on equal access to safe abortion.
Asia Safe Abortion Partnership held the first in-person screening of the play 17-21, developed by MASUM and supported by Asia Safe Abortion Partnership (ASAP), which accurately depicts the various barriers to accessing safe abortion services, for different marginalised identities in India. Follow the link to check out photos from the event.
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It's time to unmute the wedding bells in the queer world.
Homosexuality has been legal in India from as recently as 2018, yet we are far from accepting a non-heterosexual idea of marriage. Neither the law nor the society has made room for LGBTQ+ community to marry or even start a family. See what Love Matters India has to say on this matter.
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Word Around The World
Legal yet inaccessible: a look at the abortion laws of Japan
Japan happens to be one of the 11 countries that have made spousal consent essential to access abortion. Apart from this, the high cost of abortion surgery and expensive contraception are also creating more barriers in the way of equal access to safe abortion.
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Using art to evoke empathy for unsafe abortions
A series of drawings by Portuguese artist Paulo Rego, created in 1998 to protest the cruelty of anti-abortion laws, have recently resurfaced. These impactful sketches depict the discomfort and pain of women in
backstreet abortion clinics.
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Amidst the lockdown on abortion rights in the US,
data shows an increase in abortions
Here is a situation which proves that making abortions illegal or inaccessible cannot stop them from happening, it can only make them more unsafe. Can this data prove to be useful and create some hope for abortion rights in the US?Read the article to find out.
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