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Young girls leading change
Young Girls Leading Change
The New Year started with its set of old and new challenges. Nonetheless, we are determined to power through and work in a collaborative and productive manner with our 120+ members towards advancing gender equality and enabling sexual and reproductive health and rights conversations. We will be relentless in our efforts until we make it happen!
Understanding Self-Managed Abortions
Abortion is an individual decision, yet our policies have not made it completely autonomous. Despite that, many abortions are self-managed, using medical abortion pills. But many questions arise on the safety, legality, and quality of this method. To answer these questions, we collaborated with Ibis Reproductive Health and launched a social media toolkit to document experiences and journeys on safe medical abortion. We would like to thank our partners Feminism in India, International Center for Research on Women, and The YP Foundation for lending their support to the exercise.
Share your story by signing up at the links given below or send "I want to share my story" on WhatsApp 8383090925.
Limited Choices: Dissecting Unsafe Abortions
When safe abortion is inaccessible, especially in a crisis time like the COVID-19 pandemic or simply due to lack of resources in remote areas, pregnant people are compelled to opt for unsafe methods. As we continue to advocate for equal access to safe abortions for everyone, it is also important to understand the many short-term and long-term health hazards of unsafe abortions. We talk about this in our new series called 'Limited Choices'. Follow us on social media for more.
Reach out to registered Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Providers to access safe abortion services
National Girl Child Day
We celebrated National Girl Child Day to empower young girls as well as to address the gaps in our systems that continue to take their power away as they grow up. Access to education, including Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, information, services, and community support are the stepping stones towards a world where not only girls, but all people, are able to exercise their agency to shape healthy, happy, and fulfilling futures for themselves.
Social Chatter
Here's a look at how we talked about some of the important observances this month that made us relook at critical issues from a whole new perspective and evaluate our progress when it comes to solving them.
Take a 'Pratigya' -
Pledge for Equal and Safer Abortion Rights
Work along with us to guarantee an equal right to safe abortion and effective healthcare for all.
Donate - Contribute to our campaign and keep the fight for reproductive rights and gender equality alive.
E-volunteer - Help us raise awareness about reproductive rights and gender equality by becoming an e-volunteer with us and contributing from your homes.
Partner with us - Come, let's work together with equal synergies to guarantee rights to universal access to safe abortion for all.
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