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Pratigya Campaign for Gender Equality and Safe Abortion is a network of individuals and organisations working towards a singular objective - protecting and advancing women's rights and their access to safe abortion care in India.
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Social Scoop
Getting Empowered
Through Knowledge
Knowledge is a powerful tool. This month, to spread the power that comes with information, we busted myths and talked about important issues with the help of data points. We also celebrated Independence Day and International Youth Day 2022, by pledging to create an inclusive and free world.
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Social Scoop - Getting empowered through knowledge
Social Scoop - Spreading information around reproductive health
Spreading Information
Around Reproductive Health
FRHS India was a part of the #NationalFamilyPlanningSummit2022 alongside The Family Planning Association of India. The stall gave information about the importance of easily accessible family planning services and safe abortions for every individual.
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Coalition News
Let's hear from our partners
Demystifying abortions
CJLS Centre for Justice Law and Society collaborated with Jindal Global Law School to launch “Access to Safe & Legal Abortion: A Handbook on Abortion Laws for Healthcare Service Providers in India”. This handbook will help the medical community provide expand access to safe and legal abortions.
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Creating a community
Conversations are significant to initiate change. Rangeen Khidki got youngsters to participate in vital discussions around effects of patriarchy. Take a look at what people had to share.
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Are our laws inclusive enough?
Hidden Pockets Collective explained the need for our laws to be inclusive and progressive for all. They talked about the 2021 amendment to the MTP Act, which replaces the word 'husband' with 'partner' to cover unmarried women.
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Making a better tomorrow with the youth of today
To celebrate International Youth Day 2022, FPA India started a discussion around the impact of sexuality education and asked the youth about things they would do differently in their role as parents.
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A love without restrictions
On the occasion of Independence Day, Love Matters India talked about the importance of giving your partners the freedom to be themselves.
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Word Around The World
Are republicans Pro-choice too?
The overturning of Roe v Wade had a lasting impact on people across the world, with democrats and women now eager to take back their freedom of choice. But Kansas's vote on abortion showed that even a large number of Republicans are Pro-choice.
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Women's healthcare takes a blow
Due to the abortion bans in many U.S. States, healthcare students have no way to get educated about conducting safe abortion procedures. This will have huge repercussions for women's healthcare and medical education.
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Fighting to protect abortion rights
Seattle's Mayor, Bruce Harrell, strengthened abortion protection in the city by signing four bills in support of reproductive rights and gender affirming care. Organisations like Pro-choice Washington are trying to take this protection further across the country.
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