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Pratigya Campaign is a network of individuals and organisations working towards a singular objective - protecting and advancing women's rights and their access to safe abortion care in India.
Read ahead for our April updates, news and highlights from our Coalition members, and commentary on rights-based events from all over the world.
Social Scoop
Who says we can't have
a laugh about sexual health?
We tried dissolving the intense stigma and the awkwardness around sexual health with some humour. Check out these memes, but don't underestimate them for their humour! They come packed with insights.
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Social Scoop - Who says we can't have a laugh about sexual health?
Social Scoop - Protecting gender rights can literally save the world
Protecting gender rights can literally save the world.
We set the spotlight on the intersection of climate change and gender equality, emphasising why women and girls should be at the centre of climate change policies and how more gender-responsive approaches to action for climate change can actually reduce its impact.
Listen to the views of Gender and Climate Action Specialist, Ms. Debanjana Choudhuri.
Coalition News
Let's hear from our partners
Building SRHR advocacy amongst our future doctors!
Asia Safe Abortion Partnership recently organised their Youth Advocacy Institute with medical students of Mumbai, where they got a chance to unpack, unlearn, and relearn centuries of deep-rooted patriarchal stereotypes that define our decisions and eventually our life. Hear what the students had to say after the workshop.
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Ground Report: Barriers to healthcare for women
On World Health Day, Foundation For Reproductive Health Services India (FRHS India) team interviewed some ASHA workers and their clients to know the ground reality of healthcare services in rural India. Hear what they said in this video.
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How can the barriers to healthcare be reduced?
Foundation For Reproductive Health Services India (FRHS India), our partner organisation working dedicatedly to make reproductive healthcare and contraception services more accessible, talked about the steps they are taking to achieve their goal. Dr. Abha Jha from FRHS India, UP and Mr. Ashutosh Kaushik, CEO at FRHS India also shared their views on the same.
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Got a question about sexual health? Hop on to 'Mangal-Gyaan' for the answer!
Love Matters India is doing what school curriculum often misses out on - answering common questions related to sexual health freely and without judgement. From condoms to UTIs to copper-Ts, they answered all the most commonly asked questions by their followers. Follow the link to read the answers.
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Big win for Kenya: Arresting abortion seekers and providers declared illegal
Abortion care is a fundamental right, but the same has to be reiterated to fight the bias and stigma surrounding it. High Court of Malindi, Kenya quoted their Constitution and said abortion rights must be protected in order to protect the Constitutional values, including dignity, autonomy, equality, & bodily integrity.
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Word Around The World
WHO's safe abortion guidelines might prevent 25 million unsafe abortions
Safe abortion is everyone's right, but to ensure that every person gets access to the services for it, The World Health Organization (WHO) has released new guidelines on abortion care. When assisted by someone with the right information, abortion can be a simple and extremely safe procedure.
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CRR to sue Oklahoma State for banning abortion
Centre for Reproductive Rights (CRR) has been holding the authorities of Texas, Oklahoma, and Mississippi accountable for banning a basic human right and essential healthcare service - abortions. They have now joined hands with Planned Parenthood to protect abortion rights and access in Oklahoma.
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