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Pratigya Campaign for Gender Equality and Safe Abortion is a network of individuals and organisations working towards a singular objective - protecting and advancing women's rights and their access to safe abortion care in India.
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Social Scoop
Kicking off 16 Days of Activism
Gender-based violence is one of the most prevalent human rights issues in the world. It prevents individuals from leading a life of dignity, security, and autonomy.
'16 Days of Activism' mark the period between International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
(25th November) to Human Rights Day (10th December).
It's observed to initiate conversations around eliminating violence and posing actionable solutions.
Our campaign strived to challenge violence in all forms against women, girls, and the transgender community. We also highlighted the importance of helping and supporting abuse survivors. We tried to shed a light on why the availability of healthcare and #AbortionServices becomes essential in situations of abuse. The primary role remained to underline the necessity of survivor-centred essential healthcare services.

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Coalition News
Let's hear from our partners
Fighting the legal battle
Nancy Northup, President and CEO, Center for Reproductive Rights, joined activist Kerry Washington for a conversation about standing up for our reproductive rights.
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Helping adolescents reclaim their mental health
Population Foundation India prompted the importance of adolescents taking charge of their mental health. They talked about Adolescent Problem-Solving Counselling Training, a free-of-cost course that can help individuals better engage with adolescents.
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Calling for Comprehensive Safe Abortion Care
Asia Safe Abortion Partnership highlighted the importance of comprehensive safe abortion care.
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Encouraging men to take charge of their wellbeing
Love Matters India kicked off their initiative 'Movember', to celebrate and encourage men's health and happiness.
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Word Around The World
Developing an innovative strategy for reproductive healthcare
India is going strong on its journey towards population stabilisation. However, there's a long path to cover. Education about contraceptives and their access remains low. Here are the strategic steps India can take to bridge reproductive healthcare gaps.
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The fight for abortion right continues...
Joe Biden's efforts to codify the right to abortion into law might take a backseat. Read more to find out what the President had to say.
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India's progressive abortion laws a global inspiration
Indian Supreme Court's recent judgement protecting unmarried women's abortion rights kept an individual's bodily autonomy at the centre. The declaration, which takes into perspective women's lived experiences, is on the road to setting a global precedent.
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