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MTP (Amendment) Bill, 2020 Passed in Rajya Sabha
The Medical Termination of Pregnancy (Amendment) Bill, 2020 was passed in Rajya Sabha on March 16, 2021
The amendment entails the following changes:
The amendments aim to "ensure dignity, autonomy, confidentiality and justice for women who need to terminate pregnancy". Pratigya Campaign congratulates the Government for passing the MTP (Amendment) Bill, 2020 in the Rajya Sabha.
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The voting and passing of The Medical Termination of Pregnancy (Amendment) Bill, 2020 in Rajya Sabha
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Pratigya Campaign’s statement on Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act amendments
Pratigya Campaign congratulates the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on passing the historic amendment to the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act. The Coalition feels that the Government and Parliament have missed an important opportunity to play a global leadership role and demonstrate their stand on protecting and advancing the rights and life of women and girls.
50 years ago when the MTP Act was passed, it was considered quite liberal for that time (even though it was not rights based). The basic purpose of the law still remains the same, to protect providers since abortion remains a crime under the Indian Penal Code. Although the Amendments passed by the Parliament are welcome, it is still not a legislation that advances women’s rights or ensures dignity and justice. Women and girls will continue to face significant barriers in accessing safe abortion in India.
We hope that the Government will prioritise the interest of women, be open and inclusive while framing the MTP Rules and Regulations.
International Women’s Day -
Gender Equality, a human right or a human fight?
This year, we envisioned to build a dialogue around the importance of gender equality in our society. Through meaningful discussions with a strong and inspiring panel of women leaders from various walks of professional life we discussed how #WomenInLeadership can open many doors leading to women being able to stand against discrimination of various forms and voice their choices. Ultimately leading to independence of making their own decisions.
Taking this thought ahead, we hosted an hour-long Facebook Live engaging discussion that was moderated by Debanjana Choudhuri, Asia Advocacy and Partnerships Advisor, MSI Reproductive Choices.
The discussion garnered nearly 2000 engagements and over 1.6 lakh reach across Facebook and concluded with powerful messages from the leaders on how to improve women’s representation.
International Women’s Day
Aisha Lovely George,
Executive Coordinator, Hidden Pockets Collective
International Women’s Day
Kritika Chopra,
Director of Programmes, Joves Conscious Foundation
International Women’s Day
Puja Patel,
VP, Talent and Culture, MSLGroup India
This session was preceded by a 5-day long build up, engaging the masses to #ChatWithPratigya and answer the crucial questions about gender equality in our society.
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In our effort to showcase the ground level thinking required to build and nourish an equal future, while challenging the current perception of women empowerment, we got in touch with women from different backgrounds and age groups to share their take on what gender equality means to them. Creating an insightful vox-pop that garnered over 8100 engagements and the video reached 48K+ people on Facebook alone!
Along with these leading ladies of the corporate world, we also engaged in conversation with women working at the grassroot level, such as the FRHS India employees and ASHA didis. They share their pride on being in control of their own future and how their family and society now have increased expectations from them. It is with this thought that we hold the issue of Gender Equality up for a healthy and meaningful discussion.
Pratigya Campaign stands tall and proud to support gender equality and ensures that women receive equality in every aspect and SRH, through its various services and the dialogue of ‘Gender Equality, a human right, or a human fight?’ on the International Women’s Day 2021.
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